Infuse My. Colour™ – Cobalt Shampoo


Infuse Tone, Gloss & Glow- Get Your Creative Head On!

Refreshes, Revives & Tones Coloured Hair 

Infuse My Colour™ Cobalt  Shampoo  is a pure ash tone designed to neutralize unwanted red or orange in coloured hair that is Black, dark brown to light brown. Infuse My Colour Cobalt used on bleached or highlighted hair will produce green or blue tones. Do not use on bleached hair unless youe desired tone is  blue or green.

If your hair is coloured Black Infuse My Colour Cobalt Shampoo  will keep it Inky Black

If your hair is coloured dark brown  Infuse My Colour Cobalt will neutralize red or orange tones

If your hair is coloured Light Brown Infuse My Colour Cobalt Shampoo will neutralize orange tones.

If your hair is bleached yellow or white or highlighted Infuse My Colour Cobalt Shampoo will add green or blue tones.

How to use Infuse My Colour Shampoo – Apply a generous quantity of Infuse My Colour Shampoo double the quantity of your normal shampoo. Apply infuse my colour shampoo evenly and shampoo like a pro! Rinse and repeat the shampoo procedure, consecutive applications will add more tone to the hair, remember that infuse my colour shampoo is instant no need to wait. Once you have completed the shampoo ritual follows with Infuse My Colour Treat conditioner to comb through and rinse and style as usual.

100% Vegan Formula      

0% Sulphates

0% Silicones                     

0% Parabens